Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year New Start.

I decided to create a reminder of 2009. I woke up this morning thinking about the other blogs I've been reading over the year and felt a little sad that I might not have a record of the things that went on during this year. I'm not a great blogger and tend to let it slide. I just find I have so much going on in fits and starts through throughout the year that when it's quiet fine but then all of a sudden I have so much to do I don't know where to start and end up getting nowhere. I'm sure its the same for everyone but for me it seems to affect my ability to keep this blog up to date regularly. Nonetheless, I know I would love to have a record to look back on to remember the things I'd probably forget otherwise. So with no more waffling, this is a quick glimpse of 2009.

January mornings seem to be light and bright a sign of an early Spring in Preston. February brought an amazing Valentine Proposal where Neil went down on one Neil and asked me to reaffirm our marriage vows - Luckily I said yes as he had it all planned and ready to take place 2 weeks later. March and the service took place - bizarrely both Neil and I were far more nervous than the 1st time 10 years earlier. A great service with our closest family and Friends followed by a lovely week off work visiting Harrogate, Arnside and Skipton.

April brought Easter and this gorgeous bunch of White Tulips, May was spent building this Jigsaw with Jamie and planning the many camping trips we had decided to do this summer. A sunny June Sunday afternoon was spent on an unexpected lovely boat trip down the canal. It was amazing the different perspective you get sitting on a boat, the world seemed to slow down so much. We sailed passed one cottage by the water where the garden was surrounded in beautiful foxgloves, you have no idea how disappointed I was that that photo did not come out.

July and August were spent mostly camping around the country, we went to The Lakes, Derbyshire, The Wirral,Cornwall, Northumberland and Norfolk camping - quite a few miles. September I went away on a girls weekend with the women from our local church - a great weekend near Appleby in an amazing Barn conversion which had it's own sauna, great weather, a chocolate factory nearby, loads of good food and wine and a really lovely relaxing weekend. October was Neil's birthday - another lovely day. Only one more year for him to go before he reaches the big 40.

November and we finally bought a fire for our fireplace. We've wanted a fire for years, the house being over 130 years old gets so cold in the winter even with central heating on. And finally we have a gorgeous fire to match the house. I can't begin to say how fab it is when it's on so cosy and warm, the photo doesn't do it justice at all but I'm sure I'll have loads more photos of it soon. Then December brought thick snow. I've lived in this house for over 20 years and in all this time I have never ever seen snow here as thick as this winter. As Preston is near the coast we get tons of rain and even when the whole of Lancashire is white somehow in the past it's missed us out. That being said this year it seems the whole of Preston went snowman crazy. The last photo was the Hector the snowman built outside our front door 2 days before Christmas. No Neil is not in shorts, it's his pyjamas rolled up and was half past 11 at night. It was an opportunity that just could not be missed.

So that's that for 2009, I wonder what 2010 will bring. Hopefully a year full of fun and colour. I've got a college course to finish and who knows where that might lead. Neil will hit 40 and is getting very itchy feet to retrain for a new job. Jamie will be 10 in August and will start his last year in Primary school how can that be possible.. This year I'm incredibly thankful for the holidays we've managed to enjoy together throughout a quite busy and chaotic time at work. I'm so happy I have a lovely husband who is quite happy to show his emotions by being tearful throughout the whole of our vows service that had been six months in secretive planning. It's been a great 10 years of marriage so far so long may it continue. Without a doubt I've woken every morning so thankful that Jamie is my son. He is a joy and even though he is growing so fast little glimpses of childhood are still showing for example his sheer happiness at receiving a letter from Father Christmas this year. When Jamie burst into tears opening that letter on Christmas morning I don't know who was more emotional me, Neil or his Grandma. It will be forever a memory to cherish. So all in all a mighty fine year on the whole.

All good wishes for 2010