Monday, 14 September 2009

Back to work.

Jamie went back to school last monday all suited and booted with his new uniform, haircut, shoes and pencil case. Pencil case shopping used to be one of my favourite parts about going back to school - that annual trip to woolworths to get a new bright and shiny pencil case filled with even brighter and shinier new felt tips - got to say Jamie didn't seem to get the excitement so maybe it was just me being an odd child or perhaps it's the fact that the thrill of shopping at Asda can't outweigh the wonder of woolies - who knows.
Anyway now that Jamie is back at school and we seem to have got back into the routine of earlier bedtimes (well almost), homework and spelling practice, it's that time of the year for me to go back to work. But before I do that tomorrow morning I thought I'd spend my last day finishing off a blanket I've made for Jamie (I'll photograph it when it's done - promise), and thought I'd post just a couple of photos as reminders of the lovely weather we had during some of the school holidays.
Check out the beautiful blue skies and clear water all taken in Nortumberland which is very quickly becoming one of my favourite places.
Being back at work in September means to me that I'm also getting my head round the fact that summer is coming to an end and the run up to Autumn, Winter and Christmas seems to be getting slowly underway - I say this as I've noticed that my mind is more and more turning to ideas of how to make the house look colourful and cosy through the autumn or what to make for Christmas presents. Summer seems to be fading away into the memory banks for another year.

Have you noticed how it's getting darker earlier already despite the fact its still sunny during the day. Last night it was pitch black here by half seven. I feel some cosy nights of crocheting might be in the offing. Check out the 'Do you mind if I Knit' blog - really really must work out how to put a link in a post - she has just finished the most amazing scarf that I am going to have a go at next - (hence me rushing to finish Jamies blanket) it's just perfect.
have fun

Friday, 4 September 2009

Now for something completely different.....

For a long time now I've been a fan of the art journals produced by Debra Cooper which you can see on her blog - theres a link on my sidebar - a little imagination. I love the haphazard nature of the pages- the different sizes and patterns of them.

I realised a longtime ago that I am a notebook junkie, I can spend ages in shops looking enviously at the fresh unused notebooks just waiting to be filled with 'stuff and nonesense'. OK I know I'm odd but well there are worse things to be addicted to so I'm not going to lose sleep over a bit of a notebook love.

Anyway, today I was sitting at the dining room table trying to think of something to do. Then using the journals as an inspiration I came up with my own version to use as a notebook - Maybe not as colourful and fab as Debra's but nonetheless I'm quite chuffed with mine.

It was really good fun I just mixed up scraps of paper, recycled envelopes from junk mail and left over materials and then stitched them together without planning what to put where really. I just played about to see what I could come up with and now I have an unusual original notebook to scribble down my thoughts and ideas etc etc.

I feel this could be highly addictive.....

Keep having fun