Monday, 9 February 2009

Special Delivery...

On Friday whilst I was at work the postman came and dropped one of those little red invitations through my door - you know the ones telling you to come to the sorting office to collect a parcel. I took part in Mrs Thrifty's swap and was really lucky to be paired up with Mel 'Shabby Chick' I knew something was on it's way to my house and I was really excited that it had arrived but really disappointed that I couldn't collect it until today.
After the school run I drove down slippery icy roads through rush hour traffic into the town centre sorting office, passport in tow to collect my recorded delivery package. I had no idea what would be in it. There is something so exciting about getting parcels in the post.
The postman handed it over to me. A square box bigger and heavier than I expected. Would I be able to wait until Saturday to open it?? Yeah if the parcel fairy stole it away from me and put it into hiding. No, I knew that once at home the parcel would have to be opened. I have absolutely no will power about so many things parcel opening being just one of them
Anyway, I opened it up - Mel you are very good at wrapping presents making them extra hard to open.... And inside were these beautifully wrapped gifts and a card.

First things first - the card. If there are cards and presents I always have to open the card first just to keep the suspense going a little bit longer.

Next came the first present a door hanging with Daydream believer painted on it. Absolutely perfect for me, I love it. then I notced the matching valentines gift tag with my name on it. I'm always incredibly touched to receive anything with my name on it because when I was growing up we could never find anything with Janette spelt my way. So even though the spelling is now a little more common I still get a flutter when I get anything with my name on.

Then I unwrapped a beautiful mug. I know I posted about my mug love a bit back and the fact that I can't drink coffee out of anything else, so keeping that in mind I now have a beautiful homely hot chocolate mug. I'll be christening that in a minute with a lovely hot chocolate with a nip of brandy bed time drink (well it is very very cold in Preston so the brandy is only for a little extra warmth honestly)...

After that was this lovely little jar full of gorgous bits and pieces such as beads, buttons, a hair clip, a flower a shell case, a bath salt, a fabric heart some ribbon and so on. It is so pretty.

Next - yes there was more - a wonderful smelling Yankee candle. As tempted as I am to light it now, I am determined - yes absolutely determined not to light it until March when Neil and I will hopefully have finished decorating our bedroom and the candle will be the perfect finishing touch.

Last but not least I opened up this fantastic fabric heart again embroidered with my name on it and another item that will definately grace the new bedroom in March.

Thank you Mel so much. I was completely overwhelmed by your gift. It was so much more than I ever expected and a totally beautiful and feminine present. In a house of boys I hadn't realised until today how much I love such pretty things

I'm off now to enyjoy my hot chocolate




Shabby Chick said...

Hi Janette, I really am so pleased that you like it all, I've linked to your post so that I can show what I sent as I only had a picture of the sign! Glad you've decided to use the mug for hot choccy, I felt a bit guilty when I read your other post when it was too late but I thought you could always use it for display or something but hot choc sounds perfect! Good luck not lighting the candle, I can never wait with Yankee ones.

Mel xxx

Taz said...

Hi I've popped over from Shabby Chick's blog to check out what goodies were in all that beautiful wrapping. Seems you done good :D

Thecraftytrundler said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!! It must be great to receive a swap like that, but it must be great fun to put one together!
Thanks for sharing with us, have never been to your blog before, and will have a look now.

Have a lovely day : )

Sharon xx

Pixiedust said...

oooooohhhhh what lovely goodies. That scent of Yankee candle is my favourite. xxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely goodies Janette - mel is a good girl :-) the swap has been fun i loved opening my parcel and seeing all the goodies !
Lesley x

OhSoVintage said...

What lovely prezzies and so exciting to have a parcel to open in the post. Lucky you!

tea and cake said...

I've popped over from shabby chick's blog, too! These are really lovely valentine's gifts, and so personal to you. Lucky thing!

lou said...

Hi, I love what you have got from Mel, the heart is so sweet!
I’m sure whatever you send Mel will be just as lovely!
Love Lou xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh thanks for letting me know, I'm all excited! I'm working tomorrow but my husband will be here to sign for it . How annoying I'll be at work and have to wait until 5.00!!!!! I'll let you know it's arrived safely xxx