Friday, 4 September 2009

Now for something completely different.....

For a long time now I've been a fan of the art journals produced by Debra Cooper which you can see on her blog - theres a link on my sidebar - a little imagination. I love the haphazard nature of the pages- the different sizes and patterns of them.

I realised a longtime ago that I am a notebook junkie, I can spend ages in shops looking enviously at the fresh unused notebooks just waiting to be filled with 'stuff and nonesense'. OK I know I'm odd but well there are worse things to be addicted to so I'm not going to lose sleep over a bit of a notebook love.

Anyway, today I was sitting at the dining room table trying to think of something to do. Then using the journals as an inspiration I came up with my own version to use as a notebook - Maybe not as colourful and fab as Debra's but nonetheless I'm quite chuffed with mine.

It was really good fun I just mixed up scraps of paper, recycled envelopes from junk mail and left over materials and then stitched them together without planning what to put where really. I just played about to see what I could come up with and now I have an unusual original notebook to scribble down my thoughts and ideas etc etc.

I feel this could be highly addictive.....

Keep having fun



Carolands said...

Makek one for me please, please, please xx love it

Carolands said...

Hi ya

Yes I had already looked it up as you had put something on FB about it and I was curious, looks fab. Maybe you can have your Monday craft days back when you get into your normal routine again. Have a great weekend and speak to your soon. xx

Shabby Chick said...

That looks really cool, I like that a lot!

Thanks for asking after me, I'm alright thanks but my eldest has just started school and I think getting my head around the routine is taking it's toll on me! I haven't done any crafting for ages either so not had much to talk about.

I hope you're OK :)

Mel xxx