Tuesday, 8 January 2008

What a surprisingly lazy day.......

Not the day I expected it to be really. I was meant to be back at work today but the cold that has been lingering since Christmas has still not disappeared completely and has left my ears feeling really blocked up. I suffer from meniere's disease which affects my ears and balance. Luckily I don't have it severely and only rarely have attacks of vertigo which is the worst bit for me of this. But this cold has affected my ears this time more than ever before leaving me feeling that my head is trapped in some kind of bubble and struggling to hear parts of conversations. I continually suffer from tinitus because of this but somehow usually manage to manage if that makes sense. I'm not moaning about this but I did wake up thinking that I really didn't feel like facing the world today (probably not helped by the fact that I have had 3 weeks holiday)... Anyway just as I was thinking enough is enough and starting to get ready for work, Jamie walked into the bedroom with a streaming cold and looking like he has finally succumbed and caught the cold I'd been trying so hard to keep away from the rest of my family. So that was that really, back to bed for us both. Jamie went on to sleep till lunchtime which is unheard of but has woken up looking much much better and managed to collapse on the sofa and force himself to watch 'Ant Bully' for the second time this week!!!!

I've used this extra day wisely for once, I've had a really interesting morning of laundry, laundry and more laundry!! followed by tidying up some of our Christmas Presents which seem to have taken root to the lounge carpet. But excitingly after reading some of the other blogs I've registered to freecycle for Preston and have in the space of an hour managed to give away the chocolate fountain we've had in the house since Neil's birthday last year. It seemed a really good idea at the time but somehow just didn't 'float our boat' it was a real faff to set up and then an absolute nightmare to clean afterwards. I have pre warned the person collecting this so I can give it away with a clear conscience. We were given a fondue set when we got married - how kitsch is that, but we do use it fairly often as a fun tea and if I want melted chocolate to be honest I think I'll stick to using that as it's far far simpler.

The photo at the top is of Ivan our oldest cat - I say old but he is only 18 months and is very very cool. I thought I'd put a photo of him on seeing as I posted one of Ruby the other day. Nothing else much to say other than I really must start sorting out some of my stuff for my etsy shop which I would really like to start. I'm setting myself a start date of around the 1oth Feb - don't know why I've picked this date but thought it was as good as any other. In the meantime I'd probably have more time to make stuff if I hadn't become so addicted to this blogging thing......

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Judy said...

Judy, ex-Prestonian from New Zealand here, send me an email please

So where's your dare for the Daring Cardmakers this week? It's a tricky one!!!
Judy NZ