Saturday, 26 January 2008

5 days to go and we're getting excited...


Once again it's nearly the end of the month - January always seems to take an age to get through. I'm not wishing my life away really I'm not but if I could spread the 31 days of January out and tag them onto the end of the other months (especially summer) I'd be very happy. It's always wet and cold, it takes an age to get to pay day and everyone always seems to be cutting down on this or not giving into that, so everyone seems to be walking around looking fed up all the time. Having said that, Jamie doesn't feel that way at all and decorated this tile at his beavers club which I think is really cheeful.

Because I always have a downer on January's Neil and I decided nine years ago to do something that would give us something to look forward to. So this year on 30th January it will be our 9th wedding anniversary. This year we are celebrating with a take away and a bottle of wine, nothing too major because on Friday the three of us are flying to Krakow for a 4 day break. We are all sooo excited. My birthday is on the 3rd of Feb and since Neil and I have been together we've tried to take a trip away and go somewhere so spend my brithday. Having a birthday in Feb has it's advantages as you can normally get some really cheap deals for city breaks all over the place. I've been really lucky during the last 9 years we've been Havana, Goa, London, Seville and now Krakow. Jamie's got some great memories and I think it's good to see different parts of the world and hear different languages eat different food etc. Also it's fab to have a break away out of work.

Hopefully we will get some good photos and I'll be posting some on here when I get back.

In the meantime, I've been busy making a few cards some of which I've sold to people at work. Also thanks to joining freecycle (after Ragged Roses suggestion) I've collected a huge bin bag of fabric samples. There are some which are gorgous and some which are not really my taste but will be great for costumes for Jamie's next school play. The heart, I made this morning just so I could play with one of the samples.

When we come back from Poland I'm really going to have to sort things out and decide what to put in my etsy shop and also hunt out some local craft fairs. I've really not got into the swing of things this year yet so really must try to get more organised. At the moment though going to look forward to tomorrow. Mum's coming round for the afternoon so going to have a lazy time with perhaps a walk to the park if the weathers not too dire, followed by homemade lasagne, garlic bread and salad. Might even get round to making another one of Anna's gingerbread's.

Have fun, don't work too hard...


Ragged Roses said...

Hi Janette
I'm with you on the wishing January away thing!!! How exciting to be going off to Krakow, have a wonderful time and Happy Anniversary and Birthday. Pleased to hear you join Freecycle and were able to find some fabric. Love your little heart. Good luck too with your Etsy shop.

Dragonfly said...

Have a great time in Krakow. We always try to do something in February half-term to give January a bit of focus too.
Happy Anniversary and birthday!

Garden girl said...

Hope you have a fab time!! I look forward to seeing the pics- update on the ginger cake- is very good with chocolate icing (a request from the work colleagues..)x

cd&m said...

Oh wow what a super way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, hope you had a really wonderful time.