Friday, 6 March 2009


Just updating a little bit following the wonderful weekend we had renewing out vows and then the few days away from Preston. I had hoped to be able to post some of the 'semi' official photos but our friend who took the photos for us is away this weekend so we've not met up yet so I'm sorry but you will have to put up with the snaps taken by Jamie and me for now. sorry.

This photo was taken just before the service by Jamie, I do love it when an 8 year old takes photos of me - the angles are just perfect for showing off my double chin at its best - thanks Jamie xx

This is a beautiful card made by my lovely Sister-in-law Carol. She's very talented don't you think. Also she made us the fantastic mirror below as a present which will be just perfect in our lounge. I feel really spoilt having such a unique and lovely gift. (Carols just started her own blog up (i'll put the link on the side bar) I hope she keeps it up as I get loads of fun from doing this one and it'll give people the chance to see the gorgeous things she can make).

Anyway, we had an amazing service, so many of our friends and closest family came and celebrated with us. It was very bizarre really as we were both so much more nervous than the first time we got married. Neil cried when he said his vows which started everyone off and I tried not to look him in the eye otherwise I'd start as well. I got the feeling that Jamie thinks we're all bit strange afterall it's a different world when you are eight isn't it. I'll definately post more about the day but really want to wait to see what other photos there are first.

As Jamie was on a school holiday all week (we are going to collect him from school in the next hour and can't wait) it really did feel like a 'proper' honeymoon as we had a few days to ourselves. First stop was Arnside on a very very wet Tuesday. The last time we went we could see for miles, including snow capped mountains of the lakes. As you can see we did not have such a fantastically clear view this time but still beautiful nonetheless. There is a fantastic bakery in Arnside serving great food, so we treated ourselves to soup, homemade bread and then some very cute jam tarts with heart shaped pastry lids - which I stupidely forgot to photograph - Duh!!

Next stop was Harrogate, we stayed here overnight and had a great couple of days. This was a lovely coffee shop (we seem to have done a lot of coffeeing this week)

We also went to Betty's tea shop for a bit of sophistication - or it would have been had I not poured my tea straight into the cup without using the tea strainer and then had to surrepticiously pour it back into it's nice shiny tea pot and then try again properly - oh how it showed that I'm not used to this tea leaf malarky!!!

Walking around the streets of Harrogate is a joy, so many pretty buildings, houses and flower shops its just lovely. I loved this florist its such a shame I couldn't buy any to take home as they would have wilted in the car so I had to take a photo to enjoy instead.

Next stop yesterday was Skipton and to the wild oats cafe which has been recommended to us by friends. Its well worth the trip over from Preston as the food is fantastic. While we were there we saw this very interesting notice - just in case there are any budding crocheters out there. I have listed Attic 24 as one of my favourite blogs it's a lovely colourful place to visit in blogland and if you've never wanted to crochet before you will definately want to be out hook and yarn hunting after seeing her photos. Well guess who is taking the classes none other by our very own soule mama Lucy. I am definately going to be talking to my boss to arrange a day off if the classes carry on through the year. I'm so lucky to live close enough to make the journey.

Just had to finish for today with a photo of my lovely Neil wearing his all time favourite cardigan ever. If he could live in it he would. Anyway the very very pretty waitress in the Wild Oats cafe commented that it was a lovely cardigan so he was over the moon about it (was it the fact that she loved the cardi or was it the fact she was pretty - who knows lol) anyway bet I never have a problem getting him to take me back to the cafe again...

Anyway enough for now as we are going to collect Jamie.

Have a great weekend




Shabby Chick said...

Awww Janette, what a lovely post! I am so glad it all went so beautifully for you and that you've had a chance to have a romantic week by yourselves too. I'm touched you wore the hairclip :)

Thanks for your advice on the schools, I really don't know what to do. It feels like whichever option I choose is a bad one and I'll be letting her down either way and it's brought me right back into depression today :(

Mel xxx

Carolands said...

Hi Janette

Glad you've had a lovely time this week, good planning by Neil to have arranged it while Jamie was away, I know you must have missed him, but it's not so romantic having an eight year old "hanging around" you two love birds! Glad you like the mirror so much, I must make one for myself, lol.

Carol x

Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a great time. said...

How super romantic. You are both very lucky!

Soooooo glad you had a great time.

Love Emma xxxxx

Tabiboo said...

Hi Janette,

soooooo romantic and perfect! It sounds like everything went smoothly?
You have one in a million there!

We did go on a bear hunt this weekend, it is sometimes the only way to drag the kids out, using there imaginations, though we always have to come up with some creative reason why we haven't seen any!!

take care,

Nina x

Simone said...

I have not 'been over' for a while and so much has happened since my last visit! Congratulations on your wedding vow renewals and I am glad that it all went to plan. Looking forward to seeing the 'official' photos!

Garden Girl said...

ahhh, you guys! You both look so happy together, congratulations again.
Thanks for your message tonight, really means a lot. Hope you had a great weekend xx