Monday, 23 March 2009

Springtime fun and flowers

Aren't the pink roses above gorgeous. They were a present from work to me and Neil for our vows service but I've just managed to upload the photo this morning.
I've been very spoiled this weekend. I woke up to this lovely breakfast from Jamie ( I suspect Neil may have helped a little) - Bacon sandwich, boiled egg and soldiers - yummy.
In the background playing was the new Take That CD -yeeee at last I have that CD - I must admit to perhaps hinting rather heavily over the last few weeks that I was a tad partial to Take That ( ok ok so it's possibly not the most sophisticated of music choices but who cares I love them).

I was given this huge bouquet of white tulips - how beautiful are they.
Jamie decorated this happy troup of gingerbread men and I spent most of the afternoon engrossed in this stripey blanket. Two thirds of the way through now and I'm still enjoying making it. Hopefully Jamie will love it when it's on his new bed. (he better had!!!)

And finally a gorgeous pot of flowers which I treated myself to the other day (Asda £5 - Bargain!!) Don't they look beautiful and full of the joys of spring.
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend too.
take care


Shabby Chick said...

Hi Janette

The blanket is gorgeous! If Jamie doesn't want it then please send it our way ;)

Sounds like you had a brilliant mothers day, those gingerbread men are fab! I got brought a bagel and cup of tea in bed :)

Mel xxx

Carolands said...

Beautiful roses Janette and also the tulips. Think yourself lucky as mine forgot his Mother on Mother's Day, so I got a text saying "sorry I forgot, but it isn't Mother's Day in Australia", he only just made it last year, oh well.....make the most of it Janette :) How sweet that you got breakfast from Jamie, tell him that he can cook something for us at Easter, we will be expecting it now. I like the blanket you a making for Jamie's room. I have nearly finished my knitted bag, which I am going to felt in the washing machine, will upload it when it's done. xx

pebbledash said...

Lovely flowers and blanket! Thanks for commenting on my beach was one of those perfect mornings!