Monday, 6 April 2009

Easter holidays...

Well it's the start of the school holidays and me and Jamie are having a fab time - so far. We love the holidays, it's a chance to chill out and just enjoy being out of the normal routine. Today has been spent scootering to the shops, wondering back along the canal, lots of fresh air finished off with a good dose of Preston rain meaning a mug of hot chocolate once we got home. Oh for the memories of yesterday when the sky looked like this....

This is our forsythia in full bloom, I love the way it looks against the blue sky. Really lovely don't you think.

Last weekend we went to Bakewell for the day - what a pretty little town full of streets just like this one. We loved it there although we did get ripped off in the sweetie shop when we asked for 2 lots of 100g of boiled sweets to be given 2, 1lb's worth. It was all very chaotic in the shop and even when I handed over the money and thinking that was very expensive (it's the most I've ever spent in a sweet shop lets just leave it at that shall we!!) I didn't say anything (don't know why) . It was only afterwards when it dawned on me what had happened that I couldn't help but wonder if the lady in the shop had knowingly weighed out more than she should to see whether we would say anything or not. I'm not normally suspicous but there was just something about her attitude that's made me wonder. Never mind though, there'll be enough boiled sweets in our house to last quite a while anyway.
Saw this cushion in a shop window while we were there which I loved. When I saw the £200+ price tag I thought it was for the chest of drawers, it was only later when I realised it was for the cushion. I loved it but not that much. Anyway I took the photo as inspiration to make a similar one for our bedroom as it doesn't look that difficult does it.

Above is my latest Work in Progress photo. I've made these hexagons following Lucy's attic 24 instructions. I'm very pleased with them. I've decided to turn it into a cushion cover. The photo below doesn't do the colours of the cotton I've used justice though because of the bad light this morning. In reality the colours in the photo above are much nearer the truth. Very cheerful and just right for our green lounge. It's definately a marmite (love or hate) room and with the addition of things from my new obsession of crochet it's definately not going to get any less bright in the near future.

Next up I think I'll tackle the ripple blanket - should keep me busy for a while.

I hope you are all having some fun too.

Take care




Shabby Chick said...

Hi Janette

Lovely cushion, I think I would have fallen over at that price tag!!! I'm sure you could make something similar for a fraction :) Your crochet is looking great. Bakewell looks really pretty but shame about the sweet shop disaster! You're probably right in your instinct about the woman doing the measuring.

Mel xxx

Carolands said... that is what a hexagon blanket it Janette. Not started knitting my socks yet, but on another project, will show you. Late getting away because of Charlie.....see you Friday night or day...looking forward to seeing you all.

Carol x

Anonymous said...

Hi Janette just come across your blog and loved the cushion. Bakewell looks lovely - just the sort of place to escape to for a day. It's years since I have ventured up that way so you have sparked an interest - perhaps me and the family might go off exploring over Easter! Well, now that I've found you I will be a regular visitor to your blog.


Tracy x said...

hello x
nice to meet you swap partner :)
you have a lovely looking blog that seems full of colour and love for your family - how wonderful x
i shall peep a little more but i already have some ideas of what i shall make for you.....
do let me know if there is anything that you love, love love or really hate!
speak soon
t x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Janette

Just popped by to see if you're alright, you've been very quiet!

Mel xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for coming to visit me, I'm so glad you're OK!

Mel xxx

sarah london said...

i love your hexagons!