Sunday, 30 August 2009

Autumn Fruits


Firstly, sorry for the photos the colours are a bit bizarre but thought I'd post them anyway. Hey ho, it looks like Autumn has definately arrived, it's blustery here - good drying weather my mum would call it - a bit pointless though as I've not done any washing today - there always seems to be something far more interesting to do than laundry, and today me and neil have been busy with these:

Our lovely neighbour down the road has a friend who has a damson tree in her garden and shared her crop with us. So today we have carefully pricked through two pounds of damsons carefully with a fork and added to that....

gin!! well to be precise 2 bottles of gin and a bit of sugar. Then place in a rumtopf and leave for a minimum of 3 months!! Looks like we'll be having damson gin at Christmas. We still have another 2lbs of fruit left some of which we're going to turn into Jam and some we're going to freeze and then use for crumbles when it's a bit colder and wetter and miserable out and we're in need of a cheerful pudding. Yummy!!




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Carolands said...

I thought I'd already left a comment here, but maybe I didn't put in the word verification???? Anyway.....yummy, Can't wait to taste some at Christmas, got me thinking about my rumtopf now xxxxx