Monday, 5 November 2007

1st ever post....

hi, I've been browsing around a couple of blogs for the last few months and have finally decided to join this brave new world and start my own blog. I hope you find time to have read and enjoy. My hopes are that this is just a glimpse into my world through my ramblings. I lead a bit of a double life I suppose - by day I work in a city centre office but by night I am an avid crafter. I make things because I love to be creative and find making things really relaxing.

I'm currently in the throes of making Christmas cards. I read once that someone set aside the 25th of every month as a craft day for making christmas cards so that they could all be done in time without a problem. Great idea I thought but that was as far as it got, so here I am 6 weeks before Christmas (is it that long?) frantically making cards for my family and friends on top of the ones I have been asked to make for colleagues. - I feel there could be a couple of late nights in the offing. Next year I really am going to get my act together and start early. As for tonight though, my first priority has to be fireworks. My son was so excited about the prospect of fireworks that somehow I don't think there will be any peace in the house until they've all been lit.

Other than cards I love anything made with felt and vintage linens. I've got an ever increasing collection of corsages and am currently making a long length of personalised bunting for my god daughter. When it's finished I'll post a picture on here.

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