Monday, 12 November 2007

I love Mondays!!!!!

I do love Mondays, I know I'm meant to hate them but I don't - I know why I love them so much it's because it's my day off, my own special day of me time. I drop Jamie off at school at 8:45 and then that's it a whole day - or at least until 3pm when I go to collect him from school again of time I can spend doing more or less what I want.

Don't get me wrong - I love Neil and Jamie and our weekends are so special to me when we can spend time together - ok it might be the weekly shopping trip, swimming lesson, football practice or taxi service to a particular birthday party but in the main we try to spend our weekends doing 'stuff'' sort of together. But on a Monday I generally get to spend the day doing what I want to do and it's fab. This morning was beautiful, check out the beautiful view from my garden in the photo above, it was freezing cold - I even had to de-ice the car for the first time this winter, but the sun was shining and everyone had woken up in a good mood.
After the best breakfast ever of crumpets and marmite - trust me I am definitely a 'love it' girl - unfortunately the rest of the house is in the 'hate it' camp but at the end of the day that's their problem not mine.

I decided to forego the card making for the day and headed off to skipton for the day. Skipton is one of my favourite places in England and only 40 mins drive over the Peninines from here. I went to one of my favourite craft shops around and spent much more than I ought to on bits and pieces which I had to have. Including an iris folding heart rubber stamp which I saw demonstrated at a 'make and take' at Hiway hobby and craft in Halstead Essex which was ran by the designer of the stamps Anna Stemplewska. Also bought 2 fat quarters of pirate fabric, one with pirates all over and one with a treasure map printed on, I bought a plain white single quilt and pillow case from Oswaldtwistle mill a few weeks ago for a couple of pounds so this material will be a perfect start for doing some applique on and making a new bedding set for Jamie. Can't wait to finish work tomorrow evening when I'll be able to have a play with all the bits I've bought. If I get chance I'll take some photos of the material and do a couple of before and after photos of the quilt etc.....

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