Monday, 11 February 2008

Back to Reality


this time last week I was wandering round Krakow in Poland having a fantastic time. It really is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen in the world. Such a shame we had to come home really, I love being on holiday. I had a lovely birthday and got some really nice presents including a yankee candle (i really love them, this one is a 'clean cotton' fragrance), and two really nice cook books specifically for cookies so looks like I'll be doing some baking in the coming months. Over the weekend we ate lovely food, drank the most delicous warm cherry wine and toured around one of the prettiest castles I've ever visited.

We loved the medievel squares of Krakow's old town and were amazed at how peaceful the Kaziermierz district (the old Jewish quarter) was. I suppose that somehow I expected the Jewish quarter to be more depressing given it's history but strangely it was quite the opposite. It was very thought provoking and there were lots of reminders of the war everywhere you went, from memorials to run down buildings that can't be touched until relatives of the jewish families who owned the properties can be traced. But, everywehere in this area had a calmness and peacefulness that amazed me. Just goes to show that despite everything sometimes human spirit still wins out.

Anyway, having said that just how fabulous is today's weather. It really feels like Spring has come. I really hope we have a nice summer this year after the wet one of last year. We seem to have loads of plans this year: plans for the garden, plans for camping, plans for delicous picnics, nice gentle walks and the plans go on and on and on. Funny though that all of my plans when pictured in my mind are accompanied by endlessly bright sunny days, warm comfortable evenings and I am off course at least 2 stone slimmer and wearing a beautiful and flattering wardrobe throughout.

One of my plans that's having to be slightly delayed is the launch of my etsy shop. Despite my hopes to have it up and running by Feb 10th, the speed of this year has got the better of me. What with virus's, a mad work shedule and weekends away I've just not enough time to sort things out or do as much as I'd hoped so I'm setting myself a much more realistic target of April, and this time no more delays. April it will be!!!!!

Off now to catch up on all my favourite blogs to see what you've all been up to while I've been away.


Garden girl said...

Hello! Sounds (and looks) like you've had a great time!!anna x

Ragged Roses said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I would love to visit Krakow one day. Hope you're enjoying some of this beautiful weather and that it does continue through the summer this time!!! Good luck with the Etsy stuff

Garden Girl said...

Hi Janette- not sure if you're still checking in on your blog but thanks for staying in touch- I can't find an email address for you!
If you do want a place to celebrate your anniversary in style then definitely do try and go to Le Manoir. It would be a perfect place to celebrate any occassion. Such a beautiful place..hope you're well, love,anna x