Thursday, 27 August 2009

Birthday celebrations

The weather on Jamie's birthday was awful so we ended up having a chilled out day with Jamies latest favourite film Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets - I know it's been out for ages but Jamies only started enjoying the stories and films over the last couple of months so its all a bit new to him.

Anyway we had a lovely day and celebrated his birthday just us together - me, Jamies dad and his grandma. We had all the required elements, presents:


Neil made the brill cake for Jamie - it's a chocolate cocacola cake courtesy of Nigella. It sounds disgusting but is really nice. I'll hunt out the receipe if I can in a couple of days...

and cards:

Isn't the card from Jamies Auntie Carol fab - she makes fantastic cards and other things - jewellery, altered art etc. If you like you can have a look at more of them on her blog She's very talented.

Today the weather was much better (well it didn't rain!!) so we went with some of Jamies friends to the beach at Lytham st Annes. It's been a lovely day, we picniced, built sandcastles and had a wander up the sand to the waters edge - 25 minutes each way - the tide is so far out it's barmy!!
Anyway, collected a whole carriers bag full of samphire so that was a tad exciting - (We've bought samphire from Booths our local supermarket before and paid about £3 for a poxy little tray full - about 200gs such a shame I don't know a nice restaurant who would've bought the bag off me - I could've made a mint today).

More fun than that though was that as the beach is big and quite quiet we were able to fly our kite most of the afternoon - what fab fun, can't wait to go again for more of the same.

Tomorrow at my other sister in laws and nieces for a sleep over so that's going to be fun. After that it's the run down back to normal every day life I suppose, must get Jamies hair cut for school, buy new school uniform and spend the last couple of holiday days trying to get back into some sort of normal sleep routine. What a shame, I love the school holidays can't believe the six weeks has flown by so fast - soon be countdown to Christmas!!

take care



Carolands said...

Love this post Janette and thanks for your comments. I'm sure I don't know what samphire is and am about to look it up on t'internet, so I feel a bit ignorant now, lol. It looks like you had a couple of fun days and I love Jamie's scar. I am off to make strawberry jam and blackberry jam and it I am really good some apple chutney too. Andy is painting the bedroom, lol it's still not finished. xxxxxxx

Carolands said...

Oh good, I asked Andy and even the Oracle didn't know, ha ha. Have looked it up now, must not forget....Looking forward to seeing your this Autumn x