Tuesday, 25 August 2009


My baby is nine tomorrow and he is soo excited. Isn't it great how kids look forward so much to their birthdays??? (once the countdown has got down to 'one more sleep' that is. When he's saying 'its my birthday in 237 sleeps it's not quite so exciting I have to say.

I love the way Jamie is completely convinced he'll wake up tomorrow so different from today - afterall nine is so much more grown up than 8 isn't it!!

Not got too much to say today as it's late and no doubt we'll be woken up early tomorrow, so I've posted just three photos of Jamie taken over the summer months. I really must keep up with photographing him as he changes so quickly and soon enough he'll be far to cool to have photos taken by his mum won't he. But in the meantime tomorrow will be Jamie's first day in the big adventurous life of a nine year old, I'm so glad he's still young enough to want to share it with us.

Take care


Just wanted to add that the picture above shows my attempt at being the ideal mum - home baked gingerbread biscuits which I decorated last night before bed - how good is that - just call me Nigella!!


Carolands said...

Aah, how angelic does Jamie look asleep, so innocent. Just put the phone down after speaking to him, hope he enjoys the rest of his day. Love his card btw, hope he likes mine, it's a bit unusual and I am hoping that he will like it. Hope you enjoyed your craft day with Karen. Speak to you soon Janette, love to all xxxxxx

Janette said...
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Carolands said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Janette, sounds like you had a fun day with Jamie and REALLY glad he liked the card, I wasn't sure. Have a great day at the beach and I hope the weather is kind to you. xx