Thursday, 8 January 2009

A green and pleasant land

Today I'm thinking in GREEN

Thankfully I'm not feeling blue anymore(although I have been cold allll day at work). I've almost got back into the swing of being at work and actually managed to sit through an all morning meeting today without doodling too many granny squares and flowers. I wonder whether my end of year report might just resemble my old school reports by saying 'Janette has the intelligence necessary to do a good job but could do so much better if only she didn't spend so much of her time daydreaming' It's just part of me I suppose. I'm actually very conscientious at work and I do try my job well but if I am really honest I have to admit that my day dreams are never far away.

Quite often I'll find I've been drafting some report or other only to realise that I'm not really sure how because my mind has been elsewhere. It's not something I'd admit to anyone I work with but on here I feel I can share this with you - I'm actually a little bit worried about the onset of schizophrenia. I'm sure this didn't happen nearly so much before I was 40. See I'm wandering off already and haven't even mentioned anything about being green!!!

Anyway when I was sorting out my photos the other day into colours I noticed that so many of them were green, some by accident from when I dropped my camera a few months ago but mostly because we live in such a green country. I don't think I really noticed when the photos were in a random order but by sorting them into colours I had hundreds that were, well GREEN - see what I mean:

We spent a weekend in October at Rydal Hall in Cumbria and had a bimble round the grounds where we came to this road. Wouldn't you just love to wander down here and take a peak at the other side of the gate?

I wonder what is down there? Is the grass even greener on the other side? Shall we see what was through the gate?

Well, through the gate we went and on the other side was this amazing site. I have no idea what sort of trees these were but I thought they were wonderful. In the centre was the perfect shelter from the rain, just the place for a little break to take in the peace and tranquility around us. Then it was back to our lovely green house for some hot chocolates and out of our wet shoes.

As a family we love camping - well Neil and Jamie love it the most and would camp every holiday if they could. Personally I'm a short term camper, I don't mind a long weekend and can even last a week but a bit more and I start to yearn for a normal bed (see another sign of being over 40 because I don't remember being bothered by a campbed before either ).

Anyway that was just a quick look at some green memories of last year but I couldn't go without showing you one of my favourite photos which is living proof that there is such a thing as little green men (ok I admit possibly not from Mars and also not that little)

Have fun


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