Saturday, 10 January 2009

Work In Progress

Yea!!!!!!!!!! It's the weekend.

It's Freezing cold and windy here in Preston here in Preston today. The canal was frozen again this morning and the Ducks were wondering across the ice ready for their breakfast when I went down to feed them. I wonder if ducks have cold feet walking on the ice all winter??? It's grey here today - Preston grey we call it in our house, no bright blue sky to go with the freezing weather. No today is grey, grey, grey. So to add some colour to brighten up the grey I've sorted out my felt for the Penny rug I'm making.

After that I started to cut out the 'pennies' - big, medium and small circles - the templates made very scientifically - ie I drew round some glasses onto cardboard then used the cardboard to cut around the felt - very technical!!!

These are the pennies ready to be joined together and sewn. I'm hoping to randomly pin them all together tonight so that I can start sewing them later. It's quite relaxing making these and I love the cheerfulness of the colours. There are 65 sets of 'pennies' to stich before I have to sew them onto the background material but I'll keep posting photos on here at various stages until I get to do a Lucy (Attic 24) style 'Ta Dah' moment of my own.
As it's cold weather and Neil is at work today I've been very housewifey for a change and made dinner - well it's still in the oven. Neil normally does the cooking in this house mainly because he's a better cook than me and loves to cook. But today I've got out my favourite bright orange casserole dish. I'm making beef casserole which I have to say is smelling really good - just the thing for a cold day, although, this dish is much bigger than it looks in the photo and there is loads so I think we might be eating this for a few days to come.

Anyway, hope you have a good weekend.


saraeden said...

Just found your blog for the first time !! I lived in Preston for a few years until i moved back home to the hills !! Off to read some more of your blog .

Sara x

Attic24 said...

ooooooooo delicious, we had beef stew this evening (blue le cruset) and it was lush.
Stay warm and cosy