Thursday, 1 January 2009

HAPPY 2009


Happy New Year, I hope you had a lovely eve and hope 2009 brings us all the good wishes we hope for.

We stayed in last night with my brother and sister in law spending the evening with us. This is a bit of a tradition now where we have a family meal, Jools Hollands on the TV in the background and usually a game or 3 of cards (we are nomination whist adicts when we are together - very competative and me and my brother going instantly into childhood brother and sister mode whenever we play - but it is all in good fun and is a really good laugh to play in a group of people).
We celebrated being together with homemade lasagne courtesy of Neil (he is a fantastic cook - I may have mentioned that before) and lots of wine - far too much wine actually but I am feeling remarkably well considering. We are very lucky where we live as we are on a bit of a hill and not too far in the distance is the river ribble. Although we can't actually see the river from where we live we do have a fantastic vantage point to see all the fireworks that are let off at midnight along it. It's great really because loads of the pubs of Preston seem to have a New Years Eve firework display and we get to see a fantastic show for free from our garden - as long as you can brave the cold. We may have to apologise to our neighbours today though as J was allowed to stay up this year and helped see in the New Year playing his trombone!! This is a child who has been learning to play for only 6 weeks so we are not exactly talking Glen Miller just yet. Also and most endearing I find is that he can so far only play a few notes and can't play a complete scale yet as his arms are not long enough to move the slider bit far enough. But hey we all had fun.
As promised in my last post here are photos of the cushions I've made for my God daughters. Sorry the photos aren't the best but my camera is playing up so I've used J's instead and can't get used to it yet. But I am quite pleased with the cushions, especially for a first attempt.

Anyway, today is a chill out day in our house today, we are wrapped in blankets cos it's a bit chilly and watching Doctor Who, and I'm about to roast some Chestnuts - we have the maldon sea salt ready. We may get round to a bit of crafting later, J has a paper aeroplane book he's dying to try out so that should keep me and him busy. Tomorow I'm going to try to find time to go on a bit of a felt hunt as I've been asked to make a penny rug similar to the one photographed the other day. Yippee a chance to buy some nice bright felt without feeling guilty. I do so love guilt free shopping.
Take care and enjoy the holidays

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