Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Last Day...


well it's bright and sunny and freezing here today and also it's the last day today, the last day of the holidays with both N and J back at work and school tomorrow. I get a days grace because I don't work Mondays. Tomorrow I plan to take the decorations off the tree and packed away again till next Christmas, and I suppose I should try to get the house looking sort of normal again (I'm not really a housework person so I'm not really looking forward to a day of tidying) before I go back to work on Tuesday. We've a great Christmas break this time, I don't work during the school holidays so me and J have had pleanty of time together but this time for the first time in 10 years N managed to have the whole holidays off too. Usually he has to go into work at least couple of times between Christmas and New Year but this year he was off from the 23rd till tomorrow. We've had a really relaxing holiday spending some nice days with good friends and family but in the main it's just been us three and it's been fab.

Yesterday we went to the World Museum in Liverpool, we've never been before but will definately go again. It was really good. The bonus being that it is free to get in and there is 5 floors with loads to see and lots of 'hands on' stuff making it really interesting for little 8 year olds too. The fact that we spent 6 and a half hours there without once being urged on to hurry up and the word bored never even mentioned and still not seeing everything has got to be a good sign. Personally I thought the planetarium was the best, N loved the eqyptian gallery and J loved the bugs bit - the more creapy crawly and horrible the better. There's a picnic area on one of the floors so you can take packed lunches which is a good idea - or would have been if I'd realised, but even so we bought some sandwiches and drinks from the museum cafe and the price wasn't that extorinate (cheaper than 'costa' coffee anyway) and were ok. Anyway it was a really good day out and I would definately recommend it for something to do. One thing though was the NCP car park near the museum is expensive ie £10 for 7 hours so next time will do a bit more research and find somewhere cheaper.

Today we are having a very chilled out day, J got Narnia on DVD for Christmas and as you can see from the photo below - Narnia is being re enacted with the help of lego and toy soldiers, N is reading and I am going to have a go at crocheting some granny squares in a minute I think. So all is well at home, shame its back to usual from tomorrow.

take care xx

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Garden Girl said...

Hurray! You're back! I am so pleaed to see you and have just caught up on your last few posts. Happy New Year sweetie x