Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Today is a blue day ....

It's a Blue Blue Blue Blue World........

I'm feeling a bit blue today as I went back to work this morning after a lovely 3 week break. I did not want to go back - although I work with some lovely people I really wish I could stay at home - I have so many things I would rather be doing and none of them resemble compiling monthly performance reports. But needs must and one day who knows - but for the time being an office worker from Tuesday to Friday am I.

I decided to do a blue post today to show that blue days do not have to be bad days. I sorted out some of my photos this evening and decided to put them into colour categories and see what I came up with. These are some photos taken over the last eighteen months and show just a few of my favourite blue days.

This is the Plaza de Espana in Seville, we went here for my 40th birthday nearly two years ago. It was my first (and so far only) trip to Spain and I loved it. Also it was warm - not bad for February. We went to this plaza as Jamie was at the time obsessed with Star Wars and here was the setting for Queen Padme's palace. This will of course mean nothing to those of you who are not clued up with Star Wars but trust me, down to my son's coaching at the time I could have taken star wars as my specialist subject at Mastermind.

This is the luxurious (not) Hotel Start in Krakow. We stayed here on our bargain bucket weekend last Feb. It's a converted lunatic asylum and still had padded walls and doors in some of the rooms - thank fully not ours. If you check out Annas blog on 'all things lovely' - on the side bar - I'm not techie enough to have worked out yet how to put a link in a post. Anyway if you look at Anna's blog she tells you all about the converted mal maison prison hotel in Oxford which looks like a lovely romantic place to stay - well that is probably everything that the Hotel Start is not!! But we did have an amazing weekend while we were away and although I may never visit the hotel again you cannot deny it fits the bill for something blue.

This is Neil and Jamie looking out to sea at Lands end last summer. The weather was soooo hot and the sea and sky seemed to merge into one. We go down to Cornwall most summers as I am half cornish on my dad's side and most of his side of the family still live there. It's a great excuse to travel down there and we really love spending as much time as possible just bimbleing about enjoying exploring the county. Definately my favourite place in the UK - so far....

Finally my last blue picture for today. The Serpentine Lake in London. I grew up about an hour and a bit from London and spent many weekends in the City seeing the sights and wandering around the parks. I moved north when I was in my teens and since then have only been back to London a handfull of times. We took Jamie for the first time in November and he loved his day seeing the sights and visiting the Natural History Museum. My brother lives in Essex less than an hours drive from the centre of London and his partner is a true born and bred cockney and both love going into London to the museums, parks or a general stumble around so we have now promised Jamie that we will go there at least once a year so that he gets to see more.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this trip into my blue world. Pop around again sometime and perhaps we can share another journey into perhaps a different coloured corner of the world. Till then, take care.



Bertie x said...

Hello Janette, thankyou for your good luck wishes. I've been admiring your view. It must be lovely to sit out there in the summer and watch the world go bye.
Bertie x x.

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you're feeling less blue today. Thank you so much for the photos, it is sooooo good to see some blue skies!