Monday, 19 January 2009


I hope you have all had a great weekend. We've had a very lazy weekend this time. Lots of lovely family time just enjoying being at home. We've had magazines - I finally got this months Country Living magazine and was able to read, daydream and soak up the lovely pictures and articles and am definately inspired to make some marmalade. I really must subscrible to this magazine I buy it every month anyway so at least I would get to enjoy it sooner in the month. We've played games - battleships and Panic Button (that's a great general knowledge quiz game which is really good for families as it has questions to suit all ages we've found) and we've watched DVD's - well we've watched Prince Caspian for the gazillionth time....
I'm not really a morning person but this year I've been really trying to set my alarm earlier and have a less rushed morning. It's been working too and the other morning - before the school and work run I even managed to take the photo at the start of this post of the morning view from our garden. I love it as the light is so different to what I usually see. Even the swans came over to ourside of the canal for breakfast it was lovely.
Outside the shoots of the forsythia are happily growing and the crocus bulbs have still survived so all is well in the world (if a little damp but then this is Preston I supose - have I mentioned before that it rains - alot - in Preston??)
Inside we are bright and happy too and I bought this lovely bunch of daffodils to replace the past it tulips for my favourite vase yesterday. They were all still in tight buds last night when I went to bed and this morning look - the flower fairy has been and the buds are all magically opening to share their beautiful yellow cheery faces.

I'm going to carry on with the cheerful theme today as well and get on with the penny rug. I've done 37 of the circle pennies so just another 28 to go.

Hope you can all have a cheeful day too.




Simone said...

It's lovely to see the plants shooting up. I bought my Country Living Mag last week and I too was inspired to make marmalade. I didn't use the Country Living recipe though. I am glad that you are getting ahead with your penny rug!

Bertie x said...

Hello Janette, I'm not a morning person either so good for you for being able to get up a little bit earlier. I really enjoyed this months CL too, lots of inspiration. Have a good week penny rugging.
Bertie x said...

Hi Janette

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I spent a large part of last week thinking I should have done part time work when the kids were tiny and they I wouldnt have felt like this. THANK you so much for telling me I would have felt the same!!!! I do realise I am really lucky to have been able to stay at home and now, as my mind is clear, do not regret it for one minute. It truly is the BEST job one can have! I really admire Mums like you who manage the house, kids and job. I take my hat off to you as you really are super women. I love to see your photos of the area you live in - very different to mine so it makes a lovely change.

Love, hugs and thanks Emma xxxxxx

Ragged Roses said...

That sounds like the perfect weekend to me! So glad you had such a good time

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Janette

Thanks for your visit! We are not always so tidy I promise ;)

Sounds like you had a good weekend, I love CL magazine too though I haven't read it in ages, perhaps I should put a subscription on my birthday list! You have such nice views from your garden, the views from my house are either a busy road, a bit quieter road or the not very glam garden (still love my house though!).

Mel xxx