Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy things

hello again,

I really have got tons to do and shouldn't really be sat at the computer at all but here I am. I'm back at work tomorrow but last night despite being sooooo tired I slept really fit fully and ended up awake half the night. I suppose it was all to do with making sure we were all up in time to get ready for Jamie and Neil. It is Jamies first day back at school and he has gone in armed with his trombone, PE Kit, book bag and numerous favourite bits from Christmas for show and tell - talk about loaded up to the max - he could hardly carry it all. Also today is his first day back wearing his glasses so I spiked his hair for him this morning so that he could look (in his words) supercool - anything to give him confidence as he was quite nervous. After doing the school run I decided to nip into town to the market as I need to buy some felt to make a wall hanging like the one I wrote about the other day. I've been asked to make one for a birthday pressent for a friend so I'm feeling a bit pressured as I want it to look the same but different and better than the original. Anyway after a bit of material shopping I nipped into one of the local charity shops and bagged a real bargain.....

This lovely tall and cheerful vase really fits well in our dining room and I think looks so pretty full of the gorgous tulips my friend brought round at the weekend. The colours look really cheerful and are just perfect for keeping the room bright now that it's time for the Christmas tree to leave the building. The best bit of all was the price - a whole £1.75 !! I am feeling very pleased with my bargain.

In such a good mood I thought I'd tackle the supermarket for some food - I hate supermarket shopping and try to stick to local small shops but needs must today I'm afraid. Anyway the good things kept on coming because down the medicine isle - lemsip, tissues, calpol and ibuprofen duly purchased was this little gem - pink vaseline for lips. How could I have never seen this before?? Has perhaps my snobbery of avoiding big shops meant I've deprived myself of this?? Well no longer, I now have just slightly chapped lips but at least they are pink and rosy and incredibly girly - I feel about 12.

Just one more happy thing around today and that is my favourite ever mug. I love drinking coffee (I cannot stand tea - sorry to all the tea addicts out there) out of this mug and when I am at home I never use any other mug - I dread the day it breaks as it surely will although I will then have to learn mosaic because I just could never get rid of it. My mug has magic mum on it and bright sunflowers - I defy anyone not to smile when seeing such a mug but more importantly it was bought for me by my lovely brother and sister in law on the day Jamie was born and as such is just the best mug in the world. I may be ever so slightly obsessed with it but who cares at least I'm obsessed and happy I suppose.

Well thats all for today I really must get on with things and it's almost time for the return leg of the school run - just enough time to have a lovely coffee before facing the cold. Hope you enjoy your day too. have fun xx

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Attic24 said...

A lovely post, I was drooling over that gorgeous vase if tulips (one of my favourite "shop" flowers).
Hope you're not feeling blue for long, I can imagine the frustration of wanting to be home when you can't be. Soon be the weekend!
Love to you